Keeping the H first in Hiring!

Seismic shifts are happening in the workplace. The aftershocks of Covid-19 will continue to impact our professional lives for years to come. There are tons of articles discussing “The Great Resignation” and the challenge of returning to the office after full remote work. As job seekers apply to new opportunities and organizations scout for new... Continue Reading →

Christmas in July: My Gifts to Me

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels Christmas in July is apparently a thing. I never really understood it until now. Last weekend was Murphy's law incarnate. The moment I returned from a much needed vacation, I was hit with news of a family emergency. I had several errands to run before taking a late night... Continue Reading →

2020 Chronicles

2020 Chronicles was a project to collect people's real reel stories of life in 2020. I conducted 20 conversations between Thanksgiving Day 2020 and Feb. 20, 2021. These conversations will comprise the first series of the Soul Mix Suite Podcast. The first episode will debut on November 1st!

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