Putting Your PPE in Place: How to Prepare for your Post Pandemic Existence!

Summer, what feels like a post-pandemic summer, is here! Life is more open. Masks are coming off. People are out and about. Plans are being made and kept. And yet, I feel a bit stuck. I think the term is called languishing. Sure, it’s fantastic to meet friends at a restaurant and not stress if there are no outdoor tables. Yes, it’s amazing to finally see loved ones beyond a screen! Of course, it’s awesome to plan for a vacation and anticipate the sights, smells, and smiles of a new location. And yes, it’s great to see beyond the next day or week and plan for things that I’ve so missed.

In spite of all of the excitement this summer brings, I am struggling a bit. As things re-open, I will be gaining some aspects of freedom (to do more, see more people and go more places), but losing the sacred autonomy of simply being (enough, still, flawed and evolving). We will inevitably return to the office soon. Maybe not 5 days a week, but 2 or 3 or 4 more days that feel too many. I will once again need to discern if I really want to accept that social invitation. Or am I simply saying yes to avoid FOMO or disappointing someone else or forcing myself to be open to new experiences?

We all have endured a collective trauma that will indeed take time to heal, rebuild, and recover. Will things return to what they once were? Is that an ideal or desired goal? I hope we have changed and will show up as kinder, more authentic and loving when we interact with each other. Only time, proper planning, and deliberate action will tell…

As I slowly design my Post Pandemic Existence (is this thing even over?), these are the elements that I keep in mind:

  • Patience: It’s okay to be slow and careful in adding the things you’ve missed. Even if it seems like others around you are jumping back in faster, take your time to recreate your life as you see fit.
  • Perspective: There is no reclaiming what was lost or missed. We can’t make up for that time. Whether our 2020 was about barely surviving or simply thriving, what was has been and what is to come can be. So try to see as far, wide, creatively and clearly as possible to design your PPE.
  • Expectation: Knowing what we desire is attainable is indeed a powerful tool. So have a hopeful expectation that your PPE is possible and can be greater than what was before. This deep hope and faith is the best reminder to keep going when things get difficult.
  • Engagement: Be present and really enjoy all of the experiences, people, and places you have access to again. 

It’s been a long 15 months. The sun is shining, the days are longer, and we have survived! Let’s not take this new start for granted. Be wherever you are fully and rebuild at your own pace, Suitie!

Here are some articles I’ve found interesting and helpful as I prepare my PPE

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