Hey there, I’m Sonya! Welcome to my website where I will share tools, tips, stories, and experiences that move my soul and hopefully speak to yours as well.

Why the name Soul Mix Suite you ask? Well, Suitie, let me fill you in.

  1. After reading Michelle Obama’s Becoming I learned that QuestLove curated a 3-volume Playlist to accompany her book. This inspired me to journal my life through music in 2019. I called it Sonya’s SoulMixSoundtrack and used #SonyaSMS
  2. One thing you’ll quickly learn about me is I LOVE good music, good food, good company and good cocktails! So of course I was mixing up various quarantinis along with the rest and best of them in 2020! #coping
  3. So, in October 2020, a dear friend told me “you should have a site where you share the recipes for all of these drinks you make.” Next thing you know, she purchased a domain for me! And here we are…

The Soul Mix Suite Manifesto

Like a good cocktail, in life we gotta mix it up!  To me, mix stands for Make it X. If we stop to notice, it’s really the simple things in life that we bring together to make something new and special. It’s all in how we craft it!

The Soul Mix Cocktail:

With this site, I hope to share tips from my experiences and discover how to improve this recipe. What ingredients are needed to create a meaningful, purposeful, happy, soul-mixing life

So join me and let’s craft our recipes together!

Cheers, Suitie!

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