Christmas in July: My Gifts to Me

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

Christmas in July is apparently a thing. I never really understood it until now. Last weekend was Murphy’s law incarnate. The moment I returned from a much needed vacation, I was hit with news of a family emergency. I had several errands to run before taking a late night flight to attend to said emergency. I procrastinated on a hefty graduate school assignment that was due in 60hrs. Plus I felt a little rundown and under the weather. When it rains it sometimes floods…

As I took a moment to get still and strategize how to tackle all of the things in front of me, I called my best friend. She reminded me to be gentle and to give myself the gift of grace. What are the things I need to attend to immediately? What can be pushed to the side until later? Some things won’t get done. Just don’t be too hard on myself. This made me think of the other gifts I need right now. So this Christmas in July, these are the beautifully wrapped presents that I give to me!

  • The gift of Sacrifice: Sometimes we have to forgo immediate desires in order to fulfill greater ones. This might look like skipping happy hour to pay for vacation. Or waking up earlier to maintain your exercise regimen. Regardless, this gift reminds me to keep the end in mind even when it’s hard to see in the distance.
  • The gift of Consistency: Similar to sacrifice, being consistent is where the real magic in life happens. When we commit to doing the things we say we’re going to do, we build character, resilience, and grit. We also eventually see results!
  • The gift of Gratitude: When life feels bleak and dark, there is usually a silver lining if we search for it. The kindness of a stranger, the wonder of nature, the comfort of a fond memory. Feeling and expressing gratitude is a spiritual practice encouraged by many that really works.
  • The gift of Connection: I truly believe that we are here to help each other- to learn, to grow, and to share some of life’s loads. In order for this to happen, we have to be honest, open and vulnerable. We must ask for support and be willing to genuinely connect with other people.

So, tell me Suitie, what gifts are you giving to yourself these days? Do you need to return, exchange or discard any?

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