Elite Wisdom & Inspiration: 7 Life Lessons from the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games

Delayed by one year, but not denied, the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games indeed took place. Every four years the world’s most elite athletes come together to show off their speed, artistry, stamina, and strength- results of years of dedication, sacrifice, and hard work. These people with superhuman physical abilities always impress me. As I tuned into my favorite events, I was in awe of the sportsmanship and athleticism on display, and I felt inspired by the wisdom that each competition offered. So here are 7 life lessons I noticed from the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

Photo by Pixabay from Pexels.com.
  1. There is enough space at the table (or on the podium) for more than one winner. Sometimes it makes sense to share the success and accolades rather than competing to have just one person, idea, or company on top. This was highlighted as the male champions from Qatar and Italy decided to share the gold medal for the High Jump competition.
  1. Even when you’re the best of the best, there is always a new world record to be set. In life, you can be at the top of your game and someone else can still be just a little faster, bigger, or more successful than you. Watch this historic male 400m hurdle race where the second place winner beats the world record and the gold medalist creates a new one! 
  1. When something is truly important to you, believe you can do it and don’t give up! If we continue to do our best, things eventually fall into place at just the right time. Just watch this USA female pole vault gold medalist take the lead after missing her first two attempts!
  1. Sometimes in life you have to pivot until you find your niche. When something (or someone) no longer aligns with your purpose, try something new. You might just find your true calling. Read about Nevin Harrison switching from track and field to win gold in canoe. Or watch former gymnast Krysta Palmer win the bronze medal for diving.
  1. When you work hard at the beginning, a strong foundation allows you some leeway to finish strong despite setbacks that arise. Just watch US cyclist, Jennifer Valente, win gold after falling off her bike during the final omnium race!
  1. The pressure to be the best 100% of the time is heavy. Our best changes from day to day. So it is important to know your limits, to set boundaries and to decide when to persist and when to let go. Simone Biles displayed tremendous courage by leaving the team and all-around competitions. She still came back to win the bronze medal on the balance beam! Having to perform under dangerous conditions, pole vaulter Sandi Morris kept trying but eventually quit in order to avoid injury. Lastly, before the Olympics began, gymnast Shane Wiskus fell off of the high bar 3 times before finishing strong.
  1. Being authentic & open to new opportunities allows you to have exciting and unique experiences that can bring joy to others. Just watch Kevin Hart & Snoop Dogg’s Olympics commentary. They are absolutely hilarious, offering a refreshing and personable perspective on this world-class event. They win GOLD for me!

What did you learn from watching the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, Suitie? 

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