When March Madness is really March Magic!

Sometimes things have to fall apart in order to fall into place. It’s hard to know if we are being buried by a situation or if we have been planted to prepare for a new season in life. It’s been nearly six months since my last post. The irony of its title is not lost. Any extra time or energy I had went to simply staying afloat. Life threw me some punches the last few months. I rolled with some of them and fought back with others. It’s been a long, tiring, at times frustrating, faith-testing, lonely, but revelatory period in my life. As I continue to process and reflect on this time, I will share more details and insights that will speak my truth and hopefully help someone else along their journey. 

Now that spring is here, the floodgates of opportunity have opened up in my life. I am so amazed by how things evolve gradually, and then suddenly. For example, I’ve been pursuing a second graduate degree and the weeks just sauntered by and now in less than 2 months I will be finished with the program! There is a lot to share and things have been changing like a whirlwind in my life this month. At times it has felt like March Madness. But ultimately these changes are for my good. So when I step back to notice the divine synchronicity of it all, I know it’s March Magic!

Photo by Vinícius Vieira ft from Pexels

I just wanted to take a moment to acknowledge, appreciate, and accept- fully, this season of beautiful change in my life. It was a long and dark winter. But the sun is finally shining again, and I am so incredibly thankful, open and ready!

So tell me, Suitie, what are some of the gradual and sudden changes in your life? How has the month of March been madly magical for you? 

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