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Ain’t nobody got time for that!

I’ve always had a complicated relationship with super-productive people. You know the wake up at 5am, take a run, meditate, meal prep, start work early, cook nutritious dinners, complete a 6-step nightly skin care routine, check off their daily to-do list and still remain uber-cheerful type! On one hand, I admire what they can accomplish… Continue Reading →

Rediscovering a Taste of Home

They say you can never go back home again. Maybe it’s true and maybe back there isn’t a place we want to return. However, I believe home is where the heart is. And the key to the heart is through the stomach! As I find myself spending more time where I grew up, I’m reconnecting… Continue Reading →

Pandemic Premiers: Remembering the First Time Again

Florists prune flowers to optimize their growth and beauty. Farmers burn their fields to help new crops thrive in a fresh environment. The act of discarding the old and starting anew in order to flourish is part of the cycle of life. It’s also one way to view the collective pause and reset we have… Continue Reading →

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